Larkspur Deemed 'Walker's Paradise' by Online Report

WalkScore.com says that Larkspur is great for walkers while Corte Madera is just mediocre for those without a car.

Public transportation is messy north of San Francisco with funding coming and going. But luckily, Larkspur remains among the most walkable cities in the entire state.

According to a report released by Walk Score, a Seattle-Based company, Larkspur is a "walker's paradise," scoring about 91 out of 100. A score of 90-100 means that "daily errands do not require a car." The average score in California is 50. Corte Madera comes in at 63.

The number jumps around depending on your exact address in Larkspur, but from close to downtown, restaurants, coffee, groceries, shopping, schools, parks, books, bars, entertainment and banking are all within blocks. In other words, almost anything you could need for daily functions is accessible on foot.

Keep in mind, Walk Score does not measure sidewalks, crime rates, walking paths, bike trails, etc. It is all about access to amenities from any given location.

Nationwide, New York and San Francisco fall into the paradise category as well, scoring above 90.

According to Walk Score, homes in walkable neighborhoods are worth more than those in less walkable neighborhoods. Furthermore, the average resident of a walkable neighborhood weighs 6-10 pounds less than someone who lives in a car-dependant location.

Anyone can look up the walkability of their address by typing it in at the Walk Score website. For more information, click here.


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