Patient Pudge is Waiting For a New Home

Loves ear and chin scratches!

Handsome Pudge doesn't mean to be a nudge, but he finds life here at the shelter pretty tedious.

Oh, don't get him wrong. He likes all the chin and ear scratches and oh'ing and ah'ing from his visitors. He also loves to be tenderly brushed. He's just tired of watching all his young roommates (with the rock-hard abs, no less) cavorting after the feather toys. They're just so...active.

He's just a docile, laid back, eight-year-old dude with a funny name who likes to swat a toy now and then. His motto is: No pain, no pain. In his previous "life," he lived happily with a dog and his guardian but then the latter passed away. How he misses those lazy, comfortable and secure years. Gentle Pudge: Relieve the drudgery and let him cruise right into your heart.

Name Your Own Adoption Fee!
When you adopt a feline or canine companion between August 1 through October 31, we'll let YOU decide the adoption fee! You'll still get to complete an adoption survey and consult with our matchmaking experts, but now you'll have the opportunity to put your own price on love!


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