Kudos To Corte Madera's Hotshot Photographers!

Winners in the Town's fifth annual photo contest

Overall Winners

Place -- Nathalie Garcia -- "Redwood Avenue at Night"
2nd Place -- Katherine Daifotis -- "Close Up View of Rain Drops on a Leaf"
3rd Place -- John Carr -- "Hyatt Regency Lobby Decorated for Christmas"

Category Winners

Black and White:
1st Place -- Katherine Daifotis -- "Beads of Water in Black and White"

Landscape and Nature:
1st Place --Katherine Daifotis -- "Close Up View of Rain Drops on a Leaf"

1st Place -- John Carr -- "Hyatt Regency Lobby Decorated for Christmas"

People or Animals:
1st Place -- Joe Behm -- "Woman Sits on a Bench Petting Her Dog While Surrounded By Long Flowering Grasses"

Photos Taken By Youth:
1st Place -- Nathalie Garcia -- "Redwood Avenue at Night"

Taken in Corte Madera:
1st Place -- Renee Mahoney -- "Sun Light Shines on Redwood Trees"


Other Entries:
Chris White -- "Crows Perch in a Tree With Neil Cummins in the Background"
Dan Bell -- "Bright Eyed Kitty on a Colorful Comforter"
Dan Bell -- "Old Corte Madera Superimposed Upon Modern Corte Madera"
Dan Bell -- "Rose Colored Sunset Over Mt. Tam"
Diane Heininger -- "Crosswalk Sign Altered by AVON Breastwalk Folks"
Diane Heininger -- "Pink Tents at AVON Breastwalk Event With Seagull Looking into Camera"
Genevieve Pflueger -- "Close Up of Pointy Leafed Succulent Plant"
Genevieve Pflueger -- "Water Beads on Pink and Yellow Rose"
Heather Parker -- "Happy Looking Cat Poses for Camera"
Heather Parker -- "Snowman Poses for Picture in Front of Stinson Beach Overlook"
Janessa Correia -- "Tamalpais Ave. With Mt. Tam in Background Taken in Infrared"
Joe Behm -- "Corte Madera Creek Looks Like an Oasis"
Joe Behm -- "Dogs Look into the House"
Joe Behm -- "Tropical Looking Lagooon in Town Park"
Joe Behm -- "Water Way Surrounded by the Flats of Cortea Madera Creek"
Joey Della Santina -- "Black and White Photo of de Young Museum Tower"
Joey Della Santina -- "Brightly Colored Parrots Peched on a Branch"
Joey Della Santina -- "Red Tree"
John Carr -- "Fog Engulfs the Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco as Captured from the Marin Headlands"
John Carr -- "Hang Gliders Over the Ocean"
John Carr -- "Larkspur Road Lined with Autumn Trees"
John Carr -- "Mt. Tam and its Reflection in Town Park's Lagoon"
Jon McEntyre -- "An Upward View of an Apple Tree"
Jon McEntyre -- "Barbershop Quartet Singing"
Jon McEntyre -- "Birch Tree in Corte Madera with Colorful Surrounding Foliage"
Jon McEntyre -- "Green Beans in a Blue Collander"
K.M. Hoffman -- "Storm Clouds Loom Over Triangle Marsh in East Corte Madera"
Katherine Daifotis -- "Bunch of Colorful Embroidery Yarn"
Katherine Daifotis -- "Close Up View of Rusting Metal"
Katherine Daifotis -- "Up Close Face of Dog Named Snickers"
Maureen Hayes -- "Geese Stand in a Row in a Town Park Soccer Field"
Maureen Hayes -- "Path Through Town Park's Green Grass"
Maureen Hayes -- "Skateboarders at Town Park"
Maureen Hayes -- "Tree Surrounded Corte Madera Library"
Mikaela Carmichael -- "Looking Up at Windchimes"
Mikaela Carmichael -- "Mossy Meadow"
Mikaela Carmichael -- "Tree with Autumn Colors"
Mikaela Carmichael -- "View of the Sea"
Nathalie Garcia -- "Asphalt with Autumn Leaves in Black and White"
Patti Ferrera -- "Bee Polinates a Flowering Thistle"
Patti Ferrera -- "Empty Beach Front on a Cloudy Day"
Patti Ferrera -- "Horses Looking Over a Fence"
Patti Ferrera -- "Owl Perched on a Branch"
Patti Ferrera -- "View of Mt. Tam from Pumpkin Ridge While Clouds Drift in the Sky"
Paula Ramsey -- "Golden Gate Bridge with Blue Sky and Water"
Paula Ramsey -- "Overlook of Corte Madera Tres with Bay View in the Background"
Paula Ramsey -- "Rainbow Shines Over the Bay"
Paula Ramsey -- "Sunset View of the Bay Surrounded by Trees
Paula Ramsey -- "Sunset View of the Bay"
Peter Dean -- "Chickens Eating"
Peter Dean -- "Driftwood on a Beach with Waves Approaching"
Peter Dean -- "Redwood High School Hurdles Lined Up in a Long Row"
Peter Dean -- "Time Exposure of Larkspur Ferry at Night"
Reena Rosskopf -- "Horse Looking into Camera"
Reena Rosskopf -- "Horse Named Buddy Looks into Camera"
Reena Rosskopf -- "Horses Racing in Black and White"
Reena Rosskopf -- "Old Corte Madera Square in Black and White"
Reena Rosskopf -- "Trainer Puts Poultice on a Horse's Leg"
Rosemary Livingston -- "Up Close View of Black Hooded Night Heron Waiting for His Meal"
Rosemary Livingston -- "Egrets on Corte Madera Creek"
Stephen Hall -- "Fox Walking Through Back Yard"

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Tracy September 02, 2012 at 04:06 AM
The photograph of the brightly colored parrots by Joey Della Santina is remarkable! He captured the colors beautifully.
Ian September 02, 2012 at 05:29 PM
Some very talented photographers in town!
Rocky September 04, 2012 at 03:17 AM
I agree with Ian, lots of talented photographers in town.


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