Enchanting World For Toys, Children

Toy World on Redwood Highway has changed location, but still holds on to a feeling of nostalgia.

The holidays are fast approaching and time is running out to find just the right toy for the children.

There are lots of toys at Toy World on Redwood Highway in Greenbrae, though there aren't a lot of flashing lights, sirens, or video games.

"They're not inexpensive, but these are heirloom toys," said Toy World co-owner Karen, as she examined a wooden animal. It's a relatively plain toy, without even a splash of paint or a touch of glitter. That doesn't mean it's any less important.

Toy World recently closed the doors on its former store in a smaller space at the Bon Air Shopping Center after operating two stores for nearly nine months.

Board games are a big seller during a busy shopping season at Toy World. Remote control robots and recurve bows are also popular sellers.

Co-owner Michael Walraven looks ready to throw on an engineer's cap and hop into a locomotive, although the trains he grew up with were just toys.

"Having a train set that has 6, 10, 20 trains with lots of tracks that you can do different things," Michael said, "with so that every day you get up it's a different toy because of the ability to mix things up is what's important."

What: Toy World
Where: 2094 Redwood Highway, Greenbrae
Phone: (415) 461-4642


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