Where Do You Mail Your Letters?

Can you figure out where this mailbox is located? The first correct answer wins Patch swag!

How well do you really know your hometown? If you've been here a few years and get out of the house much, this scene might look pretty familiar. Can you pinpoint its location? Add a comment at the bottom of this story and you might win.

Each week, Larkspur-Corte Madera Patch will take a photo in town and ask you to tell us where it was taken. Be specific; just mentioning a neighborhood or general area like Bayside, Christmas Tree Hill, or Larkspur Landing is not specific enough. Pinpoint it as much as you can. The winner really has to nail it.

If you know the answer, enlighten everybody else by sharing your knowledge about it in the comments section of this story. Even after the correct answer is given, you can add to the conversation if you have the inside scoop on the details or history of that spot. 

What's at stake? The first responder with a correct and specific answer gets a prize from Larkspur-Corte Madera Patch. Also, make sure to e-mail the editor at derek.wilson@patch.com so you can arrange a meeting to get the prize. Or it can be popped in the mail.

Congratulations to Sierra Salin, who correctly identified last week's photo, taken at the bus stop on Magnolia Avenue in Larkspur, across the street from Left Bank. Armelle Futterman also correctly located the flower.

Think you know where this week's landmark is? Add a comment below. Take a crack at it!

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Armelle Futterman October 23, 2012 at 02:36 PM
This is the mailbox for the City of Larkspur departments. It is located on the right of the front door of City Hall on Magnolia Avenue. Only City Hall Mail should be deposited there; a regular blue USPS mail box is located just a the foot of the front steps.


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