Spirit Circle: Sharing Our Mystical and Spiritual Experiences

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Have you had a spiritual or mystical experience, such as an experience of light, hearing a voice, seeing a vision, or experiencing various physical phenomena?

 Whether you have had such an experience yourself, or are just interested in learning more, join us as we offer a safe, respectful, lively and sacred space to share your mystical experience. Appreciate what is uniquely yours and listen for which aspects may be common to some or all. All are welcome.

Note:  Mysticism, from the Greek, meaning “an initiate,” is the knowledge of and especially the personal experience of states of consciousness or levels of being, or aspects of reality beyond normal human perception, including experience of and even communion with a supreme being.   –Wikipedia


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**In order for us to run our classes, we need to have a minimum of 4 people pre-paid and registered for the class. Please pre-register for classes. Also, please leave a valid email and phone # so we have two ways we can contact you in the case the class has to be canceled or rescheduled.


Katie Cartwright only later realized that she had gotten the “cosmic joke.” While her friends laid stones over her heart chakra and invoked Spirit, Katie worked with her breath, bringing the energy up from her first chakra and out her crown.  She had just finished a week-long workshop of intensive breath work and it didn’t take much.  Suddenly a growing, spreading energetic fullness mushroomed in her body.  Suffused with a recognition of love, wholeness and the perfection of the Universe, she realized her personal concerns were inconsequential compared to what was real—that everything was more than all right, it was glorious. 

The incongruity between ordinary awareness and the truth of reality manifested itself in the beginning of a laugh.  But so deep was the laugh that no sound came out for several minutes although her body shook with the effort to reach in and release it.  Finally, finally, sound began to come out.  She could not stop laughing; big, deep, body-shaking laughs, tears streaming down her face.  There was another reality, the real reality, which was God and love, permeating everything.

Spirit Circle meets
the first Friday of the month,
7:30 to 9:30 pm
at Sunrise Center.


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