Corte Madera WWII Vet Dies at 91

Lee Noble McEachern flew 200 air transport flights over the Himalayas and later worked in television and radio in the Bay Area.

Corte Madera lost an American hero last week when Lee Noble McEachern passed away in San Francisco.

At 91, McEachern had accomplished much in his life. According to his Legacy.com obituary, "he survived nearly 200 air transport flights over the Himalayas "The Hump" during World War II, ferrying munitions and supplies from India to China."

Late in his military career, he "accepted the Distinguished Flying Cross with pride but refused a Purple Heart, which he was awarded due an injury suffered in an attack on his airbase, reasoning that he deserved it less than men who were more badly wounded."

McEachern was born in Alabama in 1921. He married his wife Anne just before leacing for the war. After his military career ended, he moved to Memphis, Tennessee where he began his radio and television career.

He moved to Corte Madera in 1958 to continue his broadcast career and raise his four children. 

McEachern passed away as a great-grandfather on Jan. 27. Click here to read his complete obituary


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