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Nicole Nada is riding her bike 320 miles from Eureka to Greenbrae to raise awareness about breast cancer and to raise funds for two support centers. We'll share her blog posts from her six-day trek.

Nicole Nada is on her way. The Eureka mother of two was expected to start her 320-mile bike trip Monday that will end six days later in Greenbrae, just in time for her first round of chemotherapy on May 21 at the Marin Cancer Institute.

The ride is a celebration for Nada, a cycling enthusiast, but also a chance to raise funds and awareness for the Center for Integrative Wellness and Health in Greenbrae and the Humboldt County Breast Health Project.

Nada, who is fighting breast cancer, is blogging about her journey on her site www.kickingmycancer.com.

Here is her latest blog post from Sunday, just before she was due to leave. We'll post her blog entries here as they come in. You can donate to her causes on her site.


Today is busy.  Garrett is at the shop making ice cream and a CLOSED sign. Arcata Scoop will be closed Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday (get your quarts now!), but will open Friday for the weekend.

I am packing, shopping, cleaning, resting.  All the things one does before a big trip.  We’ll be working on my bike tonight once the kids are asleep.

Getting my hair cut short at 2:00 by Nikki at Bloom.  It is likely falling out about a month after chemo starts so having it short will lessen the drama and make it easier to deal with on my ride.

A common question asked right now….”Are you in shape for this ride?”  The answer is “No, not really”.

This was not a ride for which I could easily train, as I have been busy with cancer since March, busy with kids since 2006, and busy with a business since 2009.  But, I am fit, strong,and in good spirits and I think that adrenaline, tremendous community support, and the thoughts of my goal (spreading awareness, raising money) will keep me going when the goin’ gets tough.  I love my trusty bike by the way—she is light and not loaded down with any gear so that I have going for me too.

My plan is to ride the entire route, but if the kids are falling apart, my body is hammered, or I simply want a few hours with my family and their adventure, I will not be too proud to climb into the “night-night bus”.  We’ll just take it day by day.

News Channel Three interviewed me today.  The interview will air at 3:00, 5:00, and 11:00. My kids are going to love it! Click here to view the clip.

Just did an awesome live interview with Mike Dronkers at KHUM. Click here to hear the thirty minute interview.  That guy deserves an award of some sort for being an excellent interviewer.  There is nothing he did not ask and I love his bluntness.  Definitely don’t tip toe around me and my cancer!

I just noticed the countdown widget is in hours now instead of days…..I better get busy!

— Nicole Nada


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