He Eased The Pain Of Cancer Care

A salute to the Marin Cancer Institute's Herb Hendrickson, who is retiring this week.

Herb, you've been a pain in the butt sometimes, but I'm going to miss you.

The Marin Cancer Institute is losing one of its most beloved staff members this week as Herb Hendrickson announced his retirement effective at the end of July.

I got to know Herb as he often gave me my monthly Sandostatin injections — which meant he got to see two sides of me (Just bend over and drop 'em). I was surprised how little I really knew about Herb, though, until he told me he was retiring.

Herb says he's planning to pick up his golf clubs again, although he's not a great shot. That hasn't stopped him from turning in some impressive rounds, he said.

It sounds like Herb won't slip into a quiet retirement. A former professional sail maker, he said he likes to keep busy by studying physics, history and other subjects that would probably help him win on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Maybe he's just telling stories — I've certainly never met another person like Herb — but truth or tales, he still lives up to the legend.

Herb's been a favorite around the clinic for years, for his skilled touch with a needle and his gentle way with a word, not to mention the way he makes sure patients get to snack on some banana bread or another treat.

Getting my monthly shot is never exactly fun. It leaves me tired for a couple days, with little appetite. Getting my shot is going to be a little less fun now without Herb around, although that's no reflection on the rest of the staffers, who also do an excellent job.

So, enjoy your retirement Herb and I hope you find your next adventure just as fulfilling.

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