Monday Rant: What's With Our Sports Stars?

Former Cal star Marshawn Lynch is the latest athlete to be busted. Does he deserve any special treatment because he's an NFL star? Or should he be held to a higher standard?

First Jason Kidd, now Marshawn Lynch. It looks like offseason training might include a few arm curls with beer pitchers.

That's not the bad part. The problem is when they get behind the wheel after a night of partying and put lives in danger  — theirs and ours.

Should professional athletes, or stars in any arena, get special treatment in the courts just for being stars? Or should they be held to a higher standard because they are stars in the public eye?

What do you think? With all the big money invested in these guys, should they also get a guaranteed designated driver?

Need to get something off your chest, but you don't who to tell? Let us know and together we can make sure the community leaders hear our voices.

What makes you happy and proud to live this community and what drives you crazy? Give us your rants and rave, but please keep it clean and to the point.

This isn't a fruitless exercise. We'll turn as many Rants into stories that we can, following up with the right people on the questions you want asked or the problems you want solved.

Now put us to work. Rant away!


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