Nearing The Finish: Nicole's Ride To Kick Cancer

Follow Nicole Nada's daring bike ride from Eureka to Greenbrae and her journey to kick breast cancer.

Nicole Nada is taking the trip of a lifetime, a six-day, 320-mile bike ride that will end six days later in Greenbrae, just in time for her first round of chemotherapy on May 21 at the Marin Cancer Institute.

Nada, who is fighting breast cancer, is blogging about her journey on her site www.kickingmycancer.com. She is using the ride to raise funds and awareness for the Center for Integrative Wellness and Health in Greenbrae and the Humboldt County Breast Health Project.

Here is her latest update. We'll post her blog entries here as they come in. You can donate to her causes on her site.


Yes People are spontaneous, joyful and are surrounded by levity. Let's take for instance my husband Garrett who said "whatever you want, dear. Tell me where and when and I'll be there" when I approached him with the idea of this ride to chemotherapy at one o'clock in the morning one week after my mastectomy surgery.

Or Dr. Leah Kelley, my surgeon, who when I emailed her (on a weekend mind you) with this idea emailed me back with enthusiasm and support.

Next enter all my friends and family who offered meals, juice, tokens, and emotional support.

Which brings us to today. Currently there are about eight doctors, nurses, partners, and a social worker all from the Marin Specialty Care (Marin Cancer Institute) gearing up in the Bodega Dunes parking lot in order to ride the fifty remaining miles with me. Talk about Yes people.

So remember to practice being a Yes person. If it is possible, and helping someone to follow a dream say Yes! Of course honoring wisdom and knowing when it is time to say No.

The past few days have been phenomenal. A lot more climbs than I thought I had in me. A lot of beauty, meeting other cyclists with unique missions and circumstances. More details later, but the docs are waiting and the video will give you a glimpse.

Day 6!!!!!! Whooooo who!

— Nicole Nada


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