Patch Picks: Where to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day

Head to these hot spots for an Irish-themed holiday.

Straight from the Old World, the Mayflower is the destination pub (though technically an English institution) for all things St. Patrick's. It's bound to be packed, but that's what you get when you go to the source. Bring an empty stomach and a reserve of energy, and don't even think of not ordering a Guinness.

Get your jig on with The Mad Maggies, who'll be ringing in the 17th at The Sleeping Lady's annual St. Patrick's Day party.

Stiff drinks and social shenanigans are a nightly feature at the Peso, but the stories will be better and the drinks stronger on the beer-drinkingest of holidays. An interesting night out, and maybe a hangover, are givens for anyone who heads to the Peso tonight.

It may be a Mexican restaurant, but you can't spell St. Patrick's without whiskey, and Marinitas has taken this to heart with an expansive whiskey tasting scheduled for the big night, complete with prizes for discerning palates and hearty drinkers!

If you're the one dive bar in Mill Valley, aren't you morally obligated to throw a rousing St. Patty's celebration? Help fill the bar stools at this namesake nightspot.


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