Twas The Week Before Christmas...

Kids enjoy holiday activities at Marin Country Mart Farmers Market

It was a sunny Saturday morning before Christmas and many families were enjoying all the activities at the Marin Country Mart Farmers Market. Santa and his “reindeer” were there to add to the festivities and take pictures with the excited children waiting in line. 

Courtway Catering provided complimentary kids crafts. Children participated in decorating gingerbread cookies, writing letters to Santa and making hot chocolate, with the assistance of Melanie Courtway and her elves. There was also face painting, Scott the Storyteller and even Santa had a sing-a-long. Many kids enjoyed the antics of a wandering Grinch. 

The complimentary kids crafts at the Courtway Catering booth drew many little pastry chefs. Gingerbread cookies in many shapes were being decorated with frosting and sprinkles. Gingerbread men, stars, and candy cane shaped cookies were often covered in frosting and quickly eaten. There was also a large vat of hot chocolate. Kids enjoyed adding mini marshmallows to their cups filled with hot chocolate.  

A child-sized craft table was set up with paper, glitter, stickers, rubber stamps, and markers for kids to create a letter to Santa to mail in a “Dear Santa” box.  Many kids took their creations with them bypassing the box. The glitter-covered table was continually filled with the littlest of artists.

When I asked Larkin how old she was, she told me in a determined voice, “I AM…(and showed me 4 fingers)…”  Zoey, 5 ½, added, “We are sisters…”  They had both already munched on their gingerbread cookie creations. Their cookies were covered in white frosting which they squeezed through an icing bag.  

Mia, 4 and her sister, Audrey, 2, loved decorating their gingerbread cookies. Mia told me, “I like decorating cookies…mine is a gingerbread man.” With hot chocolate in one hand and a headless gingerbread man cookie in the other, the sisters posed for a picture.  

It was a festive farmers market filled with a sense of community and holiday cheer.  There was a lot of singing, music, creating, and laughing as families enjoyed the beautiful sunny crisp Saturday morning at one of our most family friendly Marin County farmers markets. 

Until next Wednesday, remember, it’s all “for the love of kids…”

In joy, Marilyn

Remember, Free kids crafts every Saturday from 9 am – 2 pm, at the Marin Country Mart Farmers Market




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