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Rants & Raves: What should Larkspur do with its parcel of donated land?

Just about everyone, it seems, has something to say about what the City of Larkspur should do with the parcel of land that it is expected to inherit from the New Home Company.

Now it's your turn to sound off.

The Larkspur City Council on Wednesday held the first public hearing to gauge residents' ideas for the site. By far, the most popular suggestion has been a new library to replace to cozy — some would say tiny — library at the nearly century-old City Hall building.

But are there other priorities for Larkspur? Is there something city leaders haven't yet considered? Come one, shout it out loud!

This isn't a fruitless exercise. We'll turn as many Rants into stories that we can, following up with the right people on the questions you want asked or the problems you want solved.

Now put us to work. Rant away!


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