CHP Marin Office Launches Program to Clear 101 of Accidents More Quickly

You'll see more officers on patrol weekdays during rush hours just to push damaged vehicles off the road to keep traffic humming along smoothly.

Don’t be surprised if you see more California Highway Patrol officers cruising Highway 101 during commute hours. Yes, they’ll keep an eye out for speeders, HOV lane violators and other lawbreakers, but you can add road clearing to their tasks.

The commander of the CHP Marin Area office in Corte Madera said in a release that a new program makes a “proactive response to alleviate the noticeable increase in congestion” during weekday commute hours and will try to clear incidents from the roadway before they make a huge impact on traffic. The CHP is calling it the CLEAR program, and it starts today, Nov. 14.

Officers on CLEAR duty will function differently from regular patrol units and will not have investigative responsibilities. A CLEAR officer will respond to an incident, clear the freeway of anything blocking traffic and then turn over investigations to a regular patrol unit.  The method will allow a CLEAR unit to respond to the next incident or return to patrol in search of more traffic-impacting incidents.

“It is my hope that with the CLEAR program in place, Marin commuters not only feel that the CHP is taking a proactive approach to the commute congestion but actually see it making a difference in the time it takes them to reach their destinations,” said CHP Captain Amy Mangan, commander of the CHP Marin Area office. “We must be proactive in finding solutions to the issues at hand.”

The CHP reminds motorists of a responsibility they have as well: If you’re involved in a non-injury collision, get the involved vehicles off the freeway at the nearest exit and wait for emergency personnel there.

Steve B November 14, 2011 at 02:22 PM
Yesssssssss!!!! I can't stand it when people get in fender-benders and think they need to block the whole road until a tow truck or police show up. GET OFF THE ROAD!!! Preferably where rubber-neckers won't be able to see you and traffic will resume. We could use a few of the road signs too that remind people who got in minor accidents to get off the road. They have the signs in other communities, but I haven't seen one in Marin.
Craig Knowlton November 14, 2011 at 05:03 PM
Good news! This sounds like an effective plan, but let's hope it doesn't stretch the officers too thin trying to meet the extra workload. Part of the problem is drivers don't realize that the car often stalls in a collision and they are not able to restart it without putting the car in neutral or park.
Laura Tufo McElroy November 14, 2011 at 05:16 PM
I hope that the CHP presence will encourage people to drive more safely!
cam fraser November 16, 2011 at 02:37 AM
now if they can learn to clear the system after a cars been called in stolen we wont have to go through getting pulled over for stealing our own car months later in Southern California, roughed up with 50 guns pointed at you and a ghetto bird hovering while they stuff you in the back of the squad car bleeding from the face only to realize the local flatfoots made a big mistake! thanks for settling that lawsuit btw!


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