Corte Madera Doctor Arrested in Road Rage Incident After Shooting of Tiburon Man

"We're focusing on the justification for the shooting," a Central Marin Police Authority lieutenant said.

Hours after news of a road-rage-sparked shooting in a residential Corte Madera broke, the story has taken a turn.  
The 71-year-old Corte Madera man who told police that he had been followed home in a road rage incident and was forced to shoot a Tiburon man in self defense, has been arrested, a Central Marin Police Authority lieutenant said.
James Stephen Simon shot the 69-year-old Tiburon man twice in the torso with a .357-caliber revolver in the front driveway of his home in the 5000 block of Paradise Drive in Corte Madera, Lt. Michael Norton said.
The shooting occurred after a road rage incident on Paradise Drive between Simon and the unidentified Tiburon man, Norton said.
Simon, who had a license for the revolver, was booked in the Marin County jail Thursday afternoon on suspicion of assault with a firearm on a person, Central Marin Police Authority Chief Todd Cusimano said.
The Tiburon man was shot in the stomach and was taken to Marin General Hospital, Cusimano said.
"He just went in surgery and is in serious condition," Cusimano said around 4:15 p.m.
"We're focusing on the justification for the shooting, "Cusimano said. 
Police believe both men were driving recklessly for a mile or two on Paradise Drive before the shooting, Cusimano said. The driving involved braking and speeding up, and one of the men felt the other cut him off, Cusimano said. 
Earlier Thursday, Cusimano said Simon drove into his garage and the Tiburon man tried to drive in behind him, but Simon closed the garage door onto the hood of the Tiburon man's vehicle. 
According to marinij.com, Simon is a "prominent" Marin doctor who works as a medical examiner at Novato's Gnoss Field "...providing exams to pilots and air traffic controllers." 
The news agency received a statement from Simon's attorney Thursday evening: 
 "This is a clear case of self-defense," Charles D. Dresow told marinij.com.  "I am confident that the facts will ultimately prove that Dr. Simon was in fear for his life and the life of his wife. He acted solely in self-defense. The other driver chased Dr. Simon and his wife down their driveway and even drove his car into the garage while Dr. Simon was attempting to close the garage door behind him. Dr. Simon and his family sincerely hope the other driver recovers." 
– Bay City News Service contributed to this report. 

Jerome J Ghigliotti Jr July 18, 2014 at 10:06 PM
Ahhh? What ever happened to a "man's home is his castle"? Has self-defense been deemed to violate the Political Correctness code of conduct?
Bubba six pack July 19, 2014 at 12:58 AM
I appreciate your opinion, 3per, but don't agree. Empty the pistol into his legs and you'll hit something. Another question is - did the doc follow his hippocratic oath and become the first responder or did he just call 911? If he helped the man as a doctor should, did he regret his shot placement that made him work harder to save the man? Did he think of the results of his shots while doing it? Of course you'll say he had no time, and I'll agree to that, but that's the problem with guns- permanent results with so little thought. Still, in Doc's position, many would do the same thing. The most dangerous weapon in this story is not guns. It's testosterone. That's what caused this road rage. I know. I used to be just like them both. Now, in my sixties, I've seen a big drop in my testosterone level. I'm now not the baddest dude in the bar any more, but I've discovered that since 98% of my brain is freed up, I have discovered things I never knew. Vanilla is a flavor, not that some dumbass forgot to add the chocolate. Women have faces. There's always another car in front. Relax, Doc. You've earned it. You live in Tiburon, safe from AH. You won.
Sierra Salin July 19, 2014 at 01:12 AM
And what a bunch of B.S, and they are both macho idiots. 1. If someone is on your tail and wants to get by, all you gotta do is slow down, and they can get by you near anywhere. Let em go by and good riddance. Don't speed up and or slow down or get righteous 2. So, the guy in front of you is jerking you around and won't let you by, no matter how much you tailgate or crawl up their rear end. Get over it. Neither one of these bozos should have a gun handy. too many hormones and too little sense. Turn and go away from the gun, keep your car out of my garage...... Homeowner sounds like he messed with the guy following, and the guy following also went overboard. Chasing someone into their home? Anyone with half a brain should expect some consequences. Personally, I don't much like guns, especially assault/rapid fire weapons, which have no place in "self" defense, and, most folks WILL defend their homes and family, with whatever they have, and no, we do not need to have assault weapons or carry them everywhere we go, nor do we need to blast, kill, shoot, destroy, obliterate, etc, anyone or anything which does not believe whatever we happen to believe...... And, we are ALL lunatics.
school bus ninja July 19, 2014 at 10:42 PM
Blah, blah, blah. Everyone second guessing what happened. Shoot him here, shoot him there. Unless you have been in a situation like this, what you would do is pure speculation. The man that was shot lost most of his rights to Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness as soon as he entered another man's dwelling. To the others that hate guns, too bad. The decision about gun ownership is not yours. Get over it. There are many things I hate about tofu eating Marin liberal mushheads that live in a 15 mile bubble that think they know what the world is about. I have to live with you. Most of you moved to California from another state so you could ruin it. Go back to where you came from.
Pat Ravasio July 23, 2014 at 10:26 AM
I think if you all used your real names to post comments, you would be nicer.


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