Marin Highways Safest in the State

CHP's local office reports a continuing trend toward fewer traffic fatalities on local roadways.

Marin County's roads are getting safer, according to the California Highway Patrol.

The CHP announced a major reduction in fatal collisions in 2010, continuing a trend from the previous year. There were two traffic fatalities in 2010, compared to nine in 2009. That was down from 2008's numbers as well.

The local CHP office, located in Corte Madera, is proud to announce Marin has the safest roads among all 58 counties in the state. The Mileage Death Rate, used to measure the safety of California's roads, is derived from the number of fatal collisions per every 100 million miles driven by motorists.

The increased safety is due in part to "effective and targeted traffic safety enforcement and education," according the CHP Officer Chris Rardin, who recently led a "Start Smart" driver's education class for Marin teens and their parents.

The CHP also issued the following numbers:

• Citations Issued: 24, 813 (2010); 24, 838 (2009)

• Arrests: 1,648 (2010); 1,628 (2009)

• DUI Arrests: 964 (2010); 871 (2009)

• Vehicles Stored/Impounded: 2,105 (2010); 2,155 (2009)

• Collisions Investigated: 1,634 (2010); 1,698 (2009)

• Fatal Collisions Investigated: 2 (2010); 9 (2009)


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