Woman's Call For Help Leads To Boyfriend's Arrest

A victim tries to cover for her partner, but Twin Cities Police uncover the truth in a domestic violence case.

A report of an attack at a Corte Madera shopping center led Twin Cities Police to arrest 39-year-old Antonio Gonzalez on domestic violence charges Friday night.

A woman called police to report she was attacked and robbed at Town Center. She said the subject threw her to the ground and stole her iPod. The Corte Madera Fire Department was called to the scene as she was bleeding from the head. She was then taken to Marin General Hospital.

Police interviewed the victim about the details of the crime, but it turned out she was lying — and not very well, according to officers — in order to protect her boyfriend, Gonzalez. Police determined he had assaulted her after they had done drugs. She needed medical attention, but reportedly didn't want Gonzalez to get into trouble.

Police found Gonzalez hiding at the apartment of his mother, who had a partial restraining order against her son. He was booked at Marin County Jail on charges of domestic violence, violation of a restraining order and violation of probation.


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