City Council To Pick Lundstrom's Successor

Five applicants await Wednesday's decision to see who will join Larkspur's leaders.

Who will be the next person to join the Larkspur City Council?

The Nov. 8 election results returned Mayor Larry Chu to office and thrust Ann Morrison into public office. There's still one seat left to fill, however.

Four City Council members, including the outgoing Kathy Hartzell, are expected to appoint a fifth member Wednesday to fill the seat vacated by longtime councilmember Joan Lundstrom.

Five applicants were interviewed last week, including Brad Marsh, who finished third in voting in the Novemebr election. Other applicants include new resident Ryan Johnson, Marin Airporter president Grace Hughes, Larkspur's Business Citizen of the Year Peter Riopel and Greenbrae resident Kevin Hara.

Hughes expressed concern during the interview that there were only three candidates for City Council in the November election. She also said was worried that with Lundstrom gone and Hartzell leaving, the City Council would lose a lot of vital experience and historical perspective.

The successful appointee will serve a two-year term. The new council members are scheduled to be sworn into office on Dec. 14.

Lundstrom retired from public service Oct. 15 to enjoy life with her new husband Dr. Lou Schwartz. Her resignation came too late to put her seat on the November ballot and the City Council chose to appoint a successor instead of holding a special election.

Lundstrom was the first woman to serve on the Larkspur City Council when she was elected in 1971 and became the city's first female mayor. She was elected eight times to the City Council and served seven terms as mayor.


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