Lawson Raises Top Dollar in Most Recent Reporting Period

Fundraising puts pressure on frontrunner Huffman.

Congressional candidate Stacey Lawson raised the largest amount of  money in the most recent reporting period ending May 16, her campaign said.

"Stacey led all fundraising for the fourth reporting period in a row," said former Healdsburg Mayor Jason Liles, a Lawson supporter. "(Candidate Jared) Huffman only has more total raised because he started raising money two quarters before Stacey got into the race."

Huffman, a state Assemblyman, in the June 5 primary elections for the North Coast 2nd District seat formerly held by U.S. Rep. Lynn Woolsey and parts of the former district of U.S. Rep. Mike Thompson.

Since only the top candidates on June 5 will move on to the Nov. 4 general elections, against antiwar activist Norman Solomon of West Marin and possibly Marin County Supervisor Susan Adams.

According to Liles, the fundraising numbers were submitted to the elections commission earlier this week. Here are the numbers:

According to a story in the Press Democrat, the numbers show that Lawson took in $169,200 in contributions plus $100,000 that she loaned to her own campaign. Huffman, the newspaper said, had $136,846 for the same reporting period from April 1 to May 16.

Huffman, whose supporters posted a blog on Patch, was

The newspaper article quotes Lawson as saying that she needed to add to her campaign coffers because of negative ads running against her.

Pro-Solomon factions have also posted an anti-Lawson blog on Patch.

Lawson responded by posting on her Facebook campaign account that the attacks are actually postive because they are an indication that she is a threat.

"I'm told it's a good sign that I'm being attacked by my opponents - it shows that I'm one of the frontrunners," Lawson said in the post. "But I honestly wish we could have a debate on the issues that voters care about -- putting Californians and all Americans back to work....

"That's why I've challenged them today to put their ideas on the table," Lawson said. "Let's have a debate about better policies, not politics-as-usual attacks."

To read the Press Democrat article, click here.

Lee Lull May 27, 2012 at 02:52 PM
Really sad that money dictates who gets to rule...and that Corporate billions buy elections and prime time. Wouldn't it be cool if wannabe legislators had to first take tests (history, government, science, economics) and have their scores listed publically? Wouldn't it be cool if the "public" airwaves gave equal time to all comers ...as a public service? Wouldn't it be really wonderful to have someone who doesn't take corporate bribes PLUS knows what is occuring in DC and Afghanistan, as well as our congressional district be our representative? Someone with proven gravitas and integrity? Someone who works for people and justice, not their own pocket? We are fortunate to have that opportunity with Norman Solomon.


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