Levine Stays on Top with 9,800 More Votes Counted

Around 44,000 votes remain to be counted, and Marc Levine is still at 51 percent for the 10th District State Assembly.

With another 9,886 ballots counted, San Rafael Councilman Marc Levine has maintained his lead at 51 percent over his opponent Michael Allen for the 10th District State Assembly seat. 

As of Wednesday, Levine had 86,812 votes out of a total of 170,156 for Marin and Sonoma counties. Allen, who spent around three times more than Levine on his campaign, is as 83,344 votes. There are around 44,000 provisional and mail-in ballots waiting to be counted.

The assembly seat was left vacant by Jared Huffman, after he decided to run for Congress when Representative Lynn Woolsey announced her retirement.  Allen was the assemblyman for the 7th District that included parts of Napa, Sonoma and Solano counties, but moved to San Rafael after redistrticing splintered his district. 

Although Allen has not conceded, many Marin authorities have already congratulated Levine on his expected victory. On Monday, the San Rafael City Council bid him good luck.

"It's been a great pleasure working with you for the last three years and we know where your office is, so don't think you're rid of us," San Rafael Councilwoman Barbara Heller said on Monday. 

The Marin County Board of Supervisors also recognized Levine as their assembly in a meeting weeks back. 

In the weeks leading up to the election, Allen campaign supporters attacked Levine with mailers that portrayed the politician as a candidate backed by anti-environmental agri-business. The tactics sparked conversation on Marin Patch sites.

"This is really the saddest outcome. To have someone with so little experience end up with this job representing us with corporate backing is a travesty. Shame on the Democratic party for using the tactics they did and wasting their money," reader Valeri Hood posted. 

Others supported the local councilman, who spent more time focusing on a grassroots campaign. "The only way to get experience is to get the job. If Levine represents our district by making laws that make sense then he is already light years ahead of Allen," Tina McMillan posted. 


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