Michael Allen: Too Early to Concede in Assembly Race

The State Assembly candidate says that it would be disrespectful to voters to concede or declare a victory.

In a race where fractions of percentage points will declare the winner, State Assembly candidate Michael Allen said he will not concede until all the votes in Marin and Sonoma counties are counted.

"It's disrespectful to concede or declare victory at this point. We just need to count the votes," Allen said.

Allen's votes came in at 66,526, or 49.4 percent. With approximately 46,000 provisional and vote-by-mail ballots still being counted just in Marin, every vote will matter.

Allen represented the 7th District that included Napa County as well as parts of Sonoma and Solano counties until it was splintered by redistricting, prompting him to move to downtown San Rafael to run.

Levine has a solid lead in Marin, with 52 percent to Allen's 48 percent. But Allen was slightly more popular in Sonoma, with 50.4 percent to Levine's 49.6. Allen received more than $1.4 million in campaign contributions, including $700,000 from independent expenditure committees, while Levine only raised $253,000 in contributions and over $250,000 from independent expenditure committees.

"Our campaign has defied the odds and emerged from election night with a win. I’m so proud of what we have accomplished." Levine said in an email to his supporters. "Our lead has been consistent since the polls closed, and we fully expect it to continue as final ballots are tallied."

In Marin County, around 5,000 of the uncounted ballots are provisional and the others were mailed in or dropped off at the polls, according to County Registrar
Elaine Ginnold. Ginnold said they expect to have all the votes certified by Dec. 4 or sooner.

At the Marin Democratic Party Headquarters in San Rafael, Allen and newly-elected congressman Jared Huffman celebrated the election results on Tuesday night with more than 250 people. "Michael Allen will be your next assemblyman," Huffman said. "Those votes will come in."

When Allen was elected in 2010 to the 7th District, Sonoma County officials took the full 28 days alloted to count all the provisional ballots. In the end, he came out on top with around a 1,500 vote lead. Levine was in the lead Wednesday morning with around 1,600 votes.

"I've had a long career with lots of victories and lots of defeats," Allen said. "In the end you have to leave it to the voters."

John Parnell November 07, 2012 at 11:26 PM
Mr. Allen won't concede yet - will he also demand a recount? Will he also think that is the respectful thing to do? As you write Nicole, Mr. Levine has a much higher lead in Marin than Mr. Allen's in Sonoma. If 92% of the provisional ballots left to be counted are in Marin, with Marc's lead in Marin thus far, why does Mr. Allen think he will catch up? Speaker Perez has already called Assemblyman Levine to congratulate him. Perhaps Mr. Allen should see the writing on the wall & do the same.
Andrew randolph November 08, 2012 at 12:06 AM
Michael should do whatever is afforded him within the limits of the law. I wonder if this guy above teaches kids to "see the writing on the wall" and give up.
byeallen November 08, 2012 at 01:14 AM
Day 2 of no Allen mailers cluttering my mailbox. Wonderful. My faith in the voter's wisdom was restored with the defeat of this carpetbagger. Can't wait to see what election/seat he goes for next: anything but a day job.
John Parnell November 08, 2012 at 01:27 AM
No Andrew, I don't teach my kids to give up. However, I do teach them that it is OK to lose if you've done your best. There is no shame in failing as long as you've given 110%. (And as many reading this are aware, that is something I taught them earlier this year by my own actions.) I actually think of Mr. Allen's situation in the same terms as the Florida recount with Al Gore in 2000. I think that Gore would have been a great president, and our country would have been much better off had we continued the Clinton/Gore Era, instead of the Bush years. If VP Gore had graciously accepted defeat, and conceded earlier, he would have been the frontrunner for the next time (i.e. Kennedy/Nixon). It was before my time, but didn't Kennedy win by only 1 vote/precinct? Advisors told Nixon to fight it, but he wouldn't do it, because he wanted to spare the country & his career. If Gore hadn't demanded the recount in Florida & put our country through that agonizing process, he would have been President in 2004. I have no doubt about that, and think Mr. Allen is in a similar position. I personally think Mr. Allen is a very nice guy. He has given a lot to his community over the years in many capacities. His political career may have been relatively new, but he was on a fast-track trajectory to be the next Speaker. It would be a shame to see his chances of serving again in an elected capacity be diminished by how he handles this loss.
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