Park a Gas Guzzler in an Electric Car Spot, Get a $100 Ticket

County sets fines for parking non-electric cars in its three electric car-charging stations, or for parking in them for more than four hours.

 You’re late for a big meeting at the Marin Civic Center and the only parking spot you can find is designated as an electric car-charging station. No one will notice, right?

You better hope not. The Marin County Board of Supervisors this week established fines for illegal parking in the county’s three electric car-charging stations: one apiece at the Civic Center, the and the .

The supervisors approved a $100 fine for non-electric cars that park in one of the electric car-charging stations, as well as a $27 fine for any car parking in one of the stations for more than the four-hour limit.

The county set the fines based on those of the city of San Rafael for the same violations, treating the non-electric parking in a station as the same as a non-handicapped vehicle parked in a space reserved for handicapped parking, according to senior civil engineer Bob Goralka.

The electric car-charging stations were installed in November 2011.  

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