Supes to Give Opinion on San Rafael Airport Proposal

Check here for what's on the Marin Board of Supervisors' Tuesday agenda.

Previews & Reviews:  Board Meeting Highlights

The following provides a list of selected highlights from the Board agenda, and is not meant to be an exhaustive list of the entire agenda.  Please check out the Cyberagenda for a copy of the complete agenda as well as copies of these reports and others.

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The next Board meeting is May 15.

Marin County to Honor Golden Gate Bridge's 75th Anniversary

At the request of Supervisors Sears and Arnold, the Board will be considering the adoption of a resolution honoring the Golden Gate Bridge on the occasion of its 75th Anniversary.

Need more info? See the draft Resolution.

Contact: Clerk of the Board staff at BOS@marincounty.org


Board to Consider Request for Additional Prosecution Funds

The District Attorney’s Office has experienced extraordinary costs related to the prosecution of several major ongoing trials. As a result, the District Attorney is requesting that the Board appropriate $245,000 in additional funds in order to offset these costs. 

Need more info? See the full report.

Contact: Peggy Toth, District Attorney Administrator at ptoth@marincounty.org


 County Parks and Open Space Unmet Needs to be Considered

Several community organizations with interests in the County's park and open space systems and agricultural land preservation will provide input on community needs.   Given the limited resources that are presently available, they also will be asking the County to explore supplemental funding opportunities.   

Need more info? See the staff report and letter from community organizations.

Contact:  Ron Miska, Deputy Director of County Parks, at rmiska@marincounty.org


Comment letter for San Rafael Airport Recreation Facility to be Considered

At the request of Supervisors Adams and Rice, the Board will consider submitting comments to San Rafael regarding the San Rafael Airport Recreational Facility permit application that is currently being reviewed by the city’s Planning Division.  Proposed development would include indoor and outdoor soccer fields, indoor dance and gymnastics training studios, and associated site and infrastructure improvements.  Although the project site lies entirely within San Rafael’s jurisdictional boundaries, it is located near unincorporated residential development.

 Need more info? See the draft letter.

Contact: Eric Engelbart, County Administrator’s Office at eengelbart@marincounty.org


Tobacco Sales and Second-Hand Smoke Ordinances to be Considered

The Board will be conducting its first reading of two proposed ordinances. The first would require all tobacco retailers to obtain a local County license, which is designed to ensure compliance with County business standards and practices and encourage responsible tobacco retailing.  The second ordinance would address smoking in multi-unit housing and would remove language pertaining to youth access to tobacco products.  A public hearing on the merits of the ordinances has been scheduled for May 22.

Need more info?  See the Staff Report for the Tobacco Sales Ordinance or the Staff Report regarding smoking in multi-unit housing.

Contact: Robert Curry, Resources Development Coordinator at rcurry@marincounty.org


 Appointments to Bel Marin Keys, Financial Audit and Alcohol & Drug Advisory Boards to be Considered  

Need more info?

Contact: Clerk of the Board staff, at BOS@marincounty.org


Volunteers to be Recognized

In the afternoon, the Board will recognize four individuals for their dedication and assistance to the County Volunteers program.  Honorees will include Marcie Lynch, who will receive the "Outstanding Supervisor of Volunteers" award for providing supervision to a range of volunteers in the District Attorney’s Office over the past 20 years.  Ashley Carreira and Sarah Cochrane will both receive "Intern of the Year" awards for their assistance in crafting and coordinating the County’s strategic plan to promote healthy eating and active living.  Finally, B.K. Cooper will be provided the "Volunteer of the Year" award for the training and expertise he provided to the County’s Urban Search and Rescue team. 

Need more info?

Contact:  Diane Ooms, Human Resources Dept, at dooms@marincounty.org



Here's what happened at the last Board meeting on May 8.

May Proclaimed as Elder Abuse Awareness Month

At the request of Supervisor Kinsey, the Board adopted a resolution proclaiming May, 2012 as "Elder Abuse Awareness and Prevention Month."

Need more info? See the Resolution.

Contact: Clerk of the Board staff at BOS@marincounty.org


 Board Supports “Alcopop-Free Zones”

At the request of Supervisors Arnold and Kinsey, , encouraging alcohol retailers to adopt voluntary restrictions on the sales and marketing of such products.  Alcopops are malt beverages to which fruit juice or other flavorings have been added, and which opponents charge are marketed towards underage drinkers. 

Need more info? See the Resolution.

Contact: Clerk of the Board staff at BOS@marincounty.org


Resolution Opposing Ross Valley Sanitary District Rate Hikes Adopted

At the request of Supervisor Rice, the Board adopted a resolution opposing the Ross Valley Sanitary District’s proposal to increase rates for sanitary disposal services.

Need more info? See the Resolution.

Contact: Clerk of the Board staff at BOS@marincounty.org


 Board One Step Closer to Adopting Animal Control Fee Schedule Changes

The Board completed its first reading of a revised ordinance to increase animal control fees designed to better reflect the costs of providing the services.  A public hearing to consider the merits of the proposal is scheduled for May 22. 

Need more info? See the Full Report.

Contact: Lisa DeCarlo, County Administrator’s Office, at ldecarlo@marincounty.org


Budgets for Community Housing Programs Adopted with Revisions

After much discussion, the Board of Supervisors approved revised versions of the annual lists of projects and budgets for three programs funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development - Community Development Block Grant Program, HOME Investment Partnerships Program and Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS Program.  The largest funding category is affordable housing, but some funds are recommended for public facilities and human services. 


Need more info? See the Full Report.

Contact: Roy Bateman, Community Development Coordinator at rbateman@marincounty.org


Funding Request from Marin Economic Forum Authorized

The Board authorized the disbursement of $150,000 in matching funds to help the Marin Economic Forum in its efforts to retain and attract targeted industries, provide the public and policymakers useful Marin County economic data and coordinate activities that support a sustainable economy.

Need more info? See the Full Report.

Contact: Eric Engelbart, County Administrator’s Office at eengelbart@marincounty.org


Three-year Agreement with Management Employees Association Approved

A 3-year agreement with the Marin County Management Employees Association (MCMEA) was adopted by the Board. The agreement, which affects approximately 324 employees, would accomplish many of the County’s priorities and reflect strategies that support long-term financial sustainability.

Need more info? See the full report.

Contact: Angela Nicholson, Deputy Director of Human Resources at anicholson@marincounty.org


Appointment Made to Disaster Council

Need more info?

Contact: Clerk of the Board staff at BOS@marincounty.org


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