Marin Spelling Bee Championship is No Fairy Tale

Miller Creek seventh grader advances to the state finals.

Myla Gupta took first place at the Marin County Junior High Spelling Bee Championships.  Credit: Marin County Office of Education
Myla Gupta took first place at the Marin County Junior High Spelling Bee Championships. Credit: Marin County Office of Education

Catch a leprechaun, and you've got the blueprints to hidden treasures.

That’s how the Celtic legend goes.

But for a Miller Creek Middle School student, that piece of folklore is now a reality.

Myla Gupta earlier this month got her chance to wrap her arms around the quirky Gaelic elf.

And she crushed it.

Her correct spelling of “leprechaun” came at the most opportune of times: In the finals of the Marin County Spelling Bee Championships.

Gupta has trophy under her belt and a chance at more treasures.

Gupta, along with runner-up Ashok Sundararaman (Sinaloa Middle School) will represent Marin County at the 2104 Junior High State Spelling Bee Championships.

The state finals will be held in Marin County on May 3. The Marin County Office of Education is coordinating the event.

The Marin County spelling bee featured a field of 17 participants from nine Marin County public and private schools.

Juliet Crome (White Hill Middle School) placed fourth and Miranda Jacobson (Ross School) sixth. (Complete list is below.)

All of the students involved in the competition are winners, Marin County Superintendent of Schools Mary Jane Burke said.

“Young people today have very busy lives,” she said. “The students who have chosen to participate in the spelling bee, an activity that requires a real commitment of time and preparation, deserve our congratulations and recognition for a job well done.

“Hopefully, they have had fun, made new friends, and learned new skills on the way to becoming life-long learners.”

Marin County Junior High Spelling Bee Championships 
Participants: Sophia Lubey, Simon Swetland (Good Shepherd Lutheran); Taylor Rich (Hamilton Meadow Park); Devon Caron, Madsen Sparler (Kent Middle School); Alice Anthony, Myla Gupta, (Miller Creed Middle School); Katie Brown, Keely Randall (Our Lady of Loretto); Mary Conner, Miranda Jacobson (Ross School); Jude Muriithi, Chloe Winnett (San Jose Middle School); Ashok Sundararaman Shannon Nguyen (Sinaloa Middle School); Otis Lyons, Juliet Crome (White Hill Middle School).


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