Vision Book FUN!

Visits with my grandson...Number Fourteen

I lead Vision Book Art workshops for adults.  I use the altered book collage method to create beautiful uplifting art journal books.  A Vision Book is like a Vision Board only in a book. This way you can carry it around or move it from room to room easily in order to gaze upon its pages and enjoy its images and messages. You can include anything in your Vision Book – images and messages that make you feel good and inspire you, places you would like to visit, activities you want to try…anything. Your imagination is unlimited…

When I introduced the Vision Book idea this weekend to my 9 year old grandson, Evan, he thoughtfully gazed through many of my books appreciating all the collage images and words.  When I asked him if he would like to make one, he looked up at me with wide eyes, a smile on his face and said, “Heck, Yes! 

So began Evan’s Vision Book journey.  I told him how to prep his book so it would be ready for collage.  He said, “I want to video you so I won’t forget later…” He created a wonderful 5 minute video of me explaining the process as he focused the camera on my hands, book and materials I use in prepping a Vision Book. 

As Evan perused the many trays filled with hundreds of images, words, beautiful papers, stickers, and jewels I provide for Vision Book creation, he began to choose what inspired him.  When he found a spectacular magazine photo of a giant ocean wave in one tray and the words ‘go with the flow’ in another, he decided to make his book about the Elements.  The first four pages he created were themes of Water, Earth, Fire and Air. 

He quickly got into the flow of VisionBooking and enjoyed cutting, gluing, and arranging his collage pages.  After Evan finished his second page he said, “Once you finish the first one the next ones are easier…”  The first evening he created 4 original and creative pages embellished with jewels, 3D stickers and images connected to his themes.

The next morning we took a walk around the valley where I live.  We came across families of deer and wild turkey as we wandered over bridges, down paths and through dry creek beds. 

At one portion of our walk through moss covered trees, Evan told me, “There are little worlds everywhere…”  For the next hour we explored and talked about Tree Villages, their inhabitants and their everyday activities.  It was a mystical hour filled with memorable images and creative conversations.

When we arrived back home Evan’s Vision Book journey continued. He created a page with a picture of a mermaid decorated with a sparkling gold starfish in her hair and a jewel and feather on her tail. The words he used were, ‘magical memories - make your own,’ complete with a little envelope, he told me, to store his magical memories.

It was another fun filled, creative, magical visit with my grandson Evan. And, by the end of our time together my ‘envelope’ was filled with unforgettable memories.

Until next time, remember, it’s all “for the love of kids…”

In joy, Marilyn

If you would like to find out more about my Vision Book and Altered Book Origami Workshops, you are welcome to visit my website: It’s All About Your FUNitude


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