Butcher Says 'Pleased To Meat You'

Marin Country Mart welcomes the latest addition to its food lineup. Belcampo Meat Co is expected to open this summer.

The vision of Marin Country Mart as a one-stop playground for the tastebuds seems to be coming into focus.

The Ragged Sailor pulled up anchor from the rebranded Larkspur Landing shopping center. A Clean Well-Lighted Place for Books is — sadly — long gone.

Longtime resident Marin Brewing Company is surrounded by restaurants Tha Siam and Sushi Ko and one of the newest tenants El Huarache Loco.

Rustic Bakery opened in April, soon after Miette cakes.

Berry Bliss Frozen Yogurt is on one end of the market, with newcomer Three Twins just a few doors down. And in between, Farmshop Restaurant is set to open later this year.

Another food vendor, Belcampo Meat Co., is expected to open this summer right next to Togo's. Belcampo arrives with its pithy slogan "Pleased to meat you. Meat to please you."

"Belcampo Meat Co. will be a modern day butcher shop utilizing the best of old-fashioned meat and butchery traditions. We will work whole animals and showcase products and techniques that let none of the good stuff go to waste," according their website. "Whether a kitchen staple like eggs or ground beef or a special occasion and adventurous product like ribeye, quail or beef tongue, Belcampo will offer the best in flavor and quality. Beginning this summer and until our first shop is open, we'll offer community Meat Ups and local events all in celebration of great meat!

Belcampo has a 10,000 acre ranch in the Shasta Valley and is planning to open a butchery and processing plant in Yreka. The company also has farms in Belize and Uruguay.

Their website advertises, "We focus on growing rare and heritage breeds to reflect the taste and flavor of our sensibilities. Our animal production includes pastured and free range beef cattle, pork, lamb, goat, turkey, rabbit, chicken, duck, quail, pheasant and squab."

That could fit right in with the farmers market every Saturday and the Off The Grid food trucks every Sunday that set up in the back parking lot at Marin Country Mart every weekend.


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