Cookies, Cookies, Cookies!

Modern Cookie Co. in Larkspur hosts children’s birthday parties

The Modern Cookie Company, owned by Jeanine Samuel of Ross and Erin Hull of Corte Madera, has only been open since December 2011 but cookie and apron decorating parties are already a hit. They will custom design a party for your child and provide aprons, cookies, drink, goodie bags and more. 

I arrived at the cookie café to find twenty, 4 to 8 year olds decorating aprons.  Pink balloons lined the back wall, each attached to a pink goodie bag filled with cookies, cookie cutters and gifts for the party goers. 

Elise, 8, the birthday girl was very excited to have her birthday party at the Modern Cookie Co. She enjoyed decorating an apron and was happy to pose with her decorated seahorse cookie.  When I asked Elise why she decided to have her party at the cookie company she said, “…because I like art!” 

Her sisters, Josie, 6, and Gabrielle, 4, also participated in the party festivities.  When Josie finished decorating her two cookies with icing and sprinkles, she quickly ate the penguin but was able to pose for a picture with her uneaten seahorse.  

Each girl was wearing their decorated apron as they embellished their cookies.  Many of the party goers where heard saying, “This is fun…I’m eating one and saving one…look at my cookie…” 

Nina Sadjadpaur, the social media consultant for the company, told me, “…the birthday parties are made to order, like our concept. We work with the parent or an adult who will suggest a theme … and based on that theme we design a cookie or apron decorating activity … and sometimes even face painting…” 

Sadjadpaur added, “…we have a young staff from Redwood High School and even some from College of Marin… They are learning and we love that they are interested in working in a customer facing environment.” 

Sofi, 9, is Nina’s daughter and sometimes helps out at the Modern Cookie Co. She was passing out plates of icing and showing the girls how to use the star sprinkler. When I asked Sofi why she likes helping at the Cookie Co. she said, “I don’t know…but I do like it…” then after a bit of a pause she added, “…maybe because of the cookies!” 

Elise and her friends were having an extremely fun time at this cookie and apron decorating party. They will all go home with individually decorated aprons, cookies, and bellies filled with delicious freshly baked cookies from the locally owned and operated Modern Cookie Company

Until next time, remember, it’s all “for the love of kids…” 

In joy, Marilyn


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