Do You Support Charter Schools?

Are these schools a valuable alternative, or just a drain on public resources?

Getting ready for the new school year of course means buying new clothes for the kids and supplies. It also means trying to find the best school for your children.

For some, that just means the local public school. Others might choose a private school or even home schooling. And what about charter schools?

The Los Angeles Unified School District is reportedly considering taking a hard-line approach to the area's charter schools, claiming they are a drain on the district's resources and lack accountability.

Marin County has a handful of charter schools. According to the 2006-07 Marin County Grand Jury Report:

The chartering district, however, is required to provide funding, facilities, and oversight. This structure almost inevitably creates tensions between School District Boards of Education and administrators on the one hand, and charter school Boards and administrators on the other. These tensions include struggles over funding and the perception that charter schools cast doubt on the quality of traditional public schools.

But charter schools can provide a successful alternative approach to education, or might focus on an underserved segment of the community. Let's face it, traditional public high schools just aren't the right fit for everyone. And not everyone can afford a private school. For some, a charter school is the only path to a quality education.

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Tracy September 12, 2012 at 06:18 AM
I think charter schools can be the right fit for the child.
Rocky September 12, 2012 at 07:00 AM
Not every kid will fit into the cookie cutter mold and attend public school. The kid and the school must be a good fit in order to be successful.


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