Fall Is In The Air

Memories of my childhood

I grew up back east on the Jersey Shore. Summers were the best! I would swim in the warm Atlantic waters, float on rafts for hours, make extensive sand castles, and sit in the blazing sun with baby oil and reflectors made of tin foil over album covers. 

As the sun grew further away and September neared, a crispness filled the air. Leaves would begin falling from all the big beautiful maple trees in our yard blanketing our grass.

Now this was the exciting part of fall…we would rake all the leaves in huge piles and fling our bodies into the crispy dusty leaves with childhood abandon.  I would bury myself completely under the brown leaves, smell their mustiness and feel engulfed and safe in my crunchy cave.

As I write this I am hearing crows caw outside my window which turns my attention to the trees outside which mostly stay green throughout our fall season here in California. However, there are some trees in the valley where I live that turn to fall colors and drop those leaves of my youth.

I enjoy their metamorphosis and can often be found snapping pictures of their gradations of color.  Every year it is as if it is the first time. There is a marvel in the changing of seasons and  for me, especially summer into fall. 

As I walk around the beautiful valley paths of my neighborhood I take extra notice of those few trees that drop their leaves. I often gather some of the variations of orange and yellow leaves to bring inside and place on my mantle.

And as fall continues I find myself meandering off the path to be sure I will step on some of those browned crunchy leaves to hear the sounds of my childhood. 

I am looking forward to this upcoming fall season as I watch neighborhood children enjoy the ritual changing from summer to fall. 

Until next time, remember, it's all "for the love of kids..."

In Joy, Marilyn

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