Should Corte Madera Allow Pot Clubs?

Town Council meets tonight to consider a moratorium against medical marijuana dispensaries.

No matter what the medical benefits of marijuana might be for patients, it seems to have a nasty side effect: A legal headache for politicians.

The Corte Madera Town Council is slated to take up the issue of a moratorium on medical marijuana dispensaries in town during Monday night's meeting at 7:30 p.m.

Marin Holistic Solutions at 200 Tamal Plaza is the only dispensary currently operating in Corte Madera. The dispensary "must cease operations on June 1, 2014" according to an order by the Marin County Superior Court. A report by Corte Madera Town Manager Dan Bell says the owner of Marin Holistic Solutions obtained a business license "only after improperly and inaccurately declaring its 'business description' on the Business License Application."

Marin Holistic Solutions, according to Town reports, has not yet been targeted by federal law enforcement.

Bell's official recommendation is to adopt an ordinance banning marijuana dispensaries in ail Zoning Districts in Corte Madera.

Local governments across California are struggling to balance the federal ban on marijuana with the Compassionate Use Act, passed by California voters in 1995. The California Supreme Court is hearing a number of cases regarding a city's right to police dispensaries.

Margaret Weems testified during an Oct. 9 Planning Commission meeting that Marin Holistic Solutions provided safe access to medicine for her relative who had been suffering from a terminal condition.

Mike Demento of Corte Madera said the Town should lift the moratorium and allow other dispensaries to set up shop legally.

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